"Great job with my maternity and newborn shoot, very patient working with us!"

—Dena Nowland

I wasn't always a photographer...

A number of years ago, I was an IT systems administrator/software support person. Although I really did love helping people with their computer problems, the job was very stressful for me. As that stress grew, so did my breast cancer. I found out I had breast cancer in Nov of 2011. By Jan 2012 I had already had 3 surgeries and I am now cancer free. However, the years of undetected cancer, the surgeries, radiation treatment and anti-cancer medication made it nearly impossible for me to have children.

After adopting two children and giving birth to a miracle child, I realized that I need to pursue a career that was less stressful. So, I decided to take some college photography classes and live my dream of living a low stress, creative life with my family.

Through lots of hard work, I have built a studio outside of my home with 2 assistants to help run the business while I focus on the photography. In fact, I can get so focused during our shoot, that I leave all of the equipment behind in order to capture that perfect moment for my clients. I can do this because my amazing team will follow behind and grab my gear...now I really am just like my kids…lol.



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