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The one thing you can count on in life is that time changes everything. Parents will age, children will grow, and the moments in your life and your family will feel like they are flying by at warp speed. Each of these phases of life are priceless treasures, and we should all preserve them. Family Portraits are a perfect way to keep these memories close to your heart for years to come. Family photo sessions give you a way to celebrate the uniqueness of your family. Your style, your hobbies, your happiness, and most importantly, your love for each other should shine through in every shot. At Forever Memories, family photo sessions are some of my favorites because they are all unique! The following tips will help you to make the most of your family photo sessions so that they will not only be enjoyable but will produce amazing photos that keep your joyful memories alive!

Plan Ahead

Planning is huge! From outfits to activities, there are several ways that you can think ahead to ensure the best experience! For families with children, don’t hesitate to get the kids involved! Try to prepare your kids for what a photoshoot will look like, what they’ll be doing, and where they’ll be doing it. Look at photos online together and let the kids choose a few poses or styles they would like to try. The more excited and invested your kids are in this photo session, the more likely they will be to cooperate on the day of the shoot. 

Family photos are a way to show who your family is, how you like to spend time together, and the activities that you enjoy! Part of your planning should include a discussion about what activities you are going to bring with you. Are you all big readers? Have everyone choose their favorite book and bring it along! Are you more of an athletic family? Bring a soccer ball to kick around together! Whatever it is that you like to do as a family, plan for those activities. Pack your favorite board game or the blanket you all enjoy snuggling under when you’re watching movies. These special touches are what will make your photos unique, and when you look back on them over the years, you’ll be reminded of all the beautiful times that your family had together.


When planning outfits for your family photos, try to remember that the clothing should be coordinated but not too matchy.  You should all dress in a similar style and color palette.  When you are thinking about what to wear, look for more neutral colors.  Try to avoid bright colors on one member of the family and muted colors on others.  The person wearing the most brilliant color will naturally draw more attention than the others.  You should also avoid overwhelming patterns or decals on the clothing.  The more simple your outfit choices are, the more people will look at the people in the photos instead of their dress.  Your outfits should compliment the people who are wearing them, not overshadow them.  You should make sure that the clothing you choose is weather appropriate.  If it’s cold outside, you should opt for jackets, hats, and scarves.  If it’s hot, you should lean towards sundresses, shorts, and short-sleeved tops.  The most important factor should be your comfort.  Whether you choose to dress in casual wear or formal wear, if you feel good in your clothes, it will make you and your family members feel more relaxed, making for more natural photographs.


Your family photos should be a mix of posed and candid, silly and solemn.  Try not to worry about making sure that everyone is standing just right or smiling simultaneously. Family photos above all should show your family being authentically and beautifully yourselves!  A happy family is so much better than a supposedly perfect one. Keep things natural, and you’ll be much more pleased with the final result.


Proper timing is essential in family photos.  There are many factors to consider when you are deciding on a time for scheduling a family photoshoot.  If you have small children, you need to consider their sleep schedule. Kids who are tired or hungry are kids who do not want to cooperate! You should plan your session for a time of day when your kids are well-rested and well-fed. Ensure that you bring plenty of mess-free snacks (jelly beans, cheese cubes, dry cereal, etc.).  Snacks keep your kiddos from getting hungry, and they also make great bargaining chips for those moments where your kids are feeling uncooperative!  When it comes to outdoor photos, the golden hour (the time with the best lighting) is generally the two hours before sunset and the two hours after sunrise.  If these times don’t work for your family’s schedule, you should discuss this with your photographer and develop a plan that works for you!


The simplest way to get a fantastic family photo is by taking your shoot outside! Outdoor sessions give you the benefit of natural light and a beautiful backdrop. The breeze creates movement in your clothing and your hair which makes a photo more dynamic.  Being outside gives your kids somewhere to run around and feel more relaxed between shots. Choose a location that is special to your family, such as a favorite beach, park, or even your backyard! If the outdoors isn’t for you, you can certainly choose to have your portraits taken indoors.  Many families choose to have pictures taken in their homes where they feel comfortable and natural.  Wherever you decide to take your photos should be somewhere with plenty of light, space, and a relaxed atmosphere.

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