Fall is all about change. It's time to leave your summer clothes in the back of your closet and pack away your sandals for the fall. But, it's also a time for growth and transformation. The new school year is just beginning, and for High School Seniors, this is the final stretch until graduation and a whole new beginning!  

To celebrate all you've accomplished in your educational career, you should start thinking about your senior portraits! Fall is a popular time for senior pictures because the colors are vibrant and beautiful, making gorgeous and dynamic photos!

Keep reading to learn what you need to do to have the perfect Fall Senior Pictures!

How To Prepare For Your Fall Photo Session

As the leaves begin to change color and the temperature starts to cool down, it's the perfect time to book a fall photo session for your high school senior. But how do you prepare for such a session? Here are a few tips:

1. First, decide on the location. Will it be in a park with scenic views of the foliage, or perhaps in an urban setting with colorful graffiti as the backdrop? Once you've decided on the location, you can start to plan your outfits.

2. Speaking of outfits, make sure you choose something that not only looks good but also feels comfortable. You'll be spending a lot of time walking around (or even sitting on the ground), so comfort is vital. And since it's fall, layers are always a good idea!

3. Be prepared to have some fun! A fall photo session should be a fun and relaxed experience, so make sure to bring along your best smile and positive attitude.

Tips and Tricks From The Photographer

If you're a high school senior looking to get some fantastic fall photos, you can do a few things to ensure your session is perfect. First, choose a location that has beautiful fall foliage. This will make for a stunning backdrop for your photos. Second, wear clothes that complement the season. Autumn colors like red, orange, and yellow will look great in your photos. Third, be sure to schedule your session early enough in the day so that the light is perfect. The late afternoon light is often too harsh and can cause shadows in your photos. And finally, relax and have fun! Your photographer will help you capture some fantastic memories you'll cherish forever.

What To Wear For Your Fall Photo Session?

So the air is crisper, the smell of pumpkin spice is in the air, and it's the perfect time to schedule a fall photo session! But what should you wear? Here are some tips to help you choose the perfect outfit for your fall photos.

First, consider the location of your shoot. If you'll be in a park or nature preserve, earth tones like brown, green, and red will blend in with your surroundings, so you may want to choose something that will help you stand out from the background! If you're shooting in a cityscape, opt for something a little bolder to make your photos pop.

If you want something classic and timeless, go for solid colors and simple silhouettes. If you want a whimsical look, try layering different patterns and textures. A scarf, hat, or boots can make it fall-perfect.

Finally, make sure you're comfortable! You'll be doing a lot of walking (and maybe even some climbing) during your photo session, so make sure you're wearing shoes that won't kill your feet. And if it's chilly, don't forget to bring a jacket or wrap to keep you warm.

If you're unsure what to wear, check out Fall Senior Portraits on Pinterest. You'll find thousands of beautiful portraits that will give you that spark of inspiration! You can also talk with your photographer! I love helping my clients plan out their outfits and get the look that expresses who they are and makes a compelling photo!

Check out my style guide for even more tips for choosing the right look for your portrait session!

Why Should I Choose Fall for Senior Pictures?

 Senior pictures are a great way to capture this time in your life before you head off to college. Here are a few reasons why you should choose fall for your senior pictures:

1. The Colors: Fall is all about the colors. The leaves on the trees change color, providing a beautiful backdrop for your pictures. You can also find other colorful elements to include in your shots, like flowers or pumpkins.

2. The Weather: Cooler weather is ideal for taking pictures outdoors. You won’t have to worry about sweating or squinting in the bright sun. And if it does happen to rain, that can actually make for some pretty amazing photos.

3. The Clothing: Fall fashion is cute and comfortable. You can layer clothes to stay warm, giving your photos some added interest. And don’t forget about accessories like scarves, hats, and boots!

4. The Holidays: Fall is a great time to take advantage of all the upcoming holidays. Halloween provides tons of fun options for a more creative portrait. 

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