Summertime is the peak outdoor session season, and it’s popular for a reason.  The skies are blue, the grass and trees are green, the flowers are blooming all around, and the weather is typically sunny and warm. However, there are a few setbacks - the heat and humidity. There’s nothing worse than planning the perfect outfit, styling your hair to perfection, and applying your makeup like an absolute pro for the heat to make you sweat and ruin your look. 

I’ve compiled my best tips and tricks for beating the heat and getting your best summer portraits… Check it out!

Choose Your Wardrobe Wisely

If you live somewhere that gets hot and humid in the summertime, this tip is a no-brainer. When you’re planning your wardrobe for your summertime portrait session, try to stick to lightweight fabrics that are breathable and lighter in color. Darker colors and heavy materials absorb more heat and therefore make you warmer, and just like that, you’ve got the sweat rings of death under your arms, and your makeup is melting off your face. I like to recommend lightweight dresses or linen pants and tank tops or short sleeve blouses for the ladies. I recommend linen pants or shorts and thin and breathable T-shirts or polo shirts for the men. Just keep comfort in mind because if you’re feeling comfortable and confident in your outfit, that will definitely shine through in your photos.

Makeup Application Matters

One of the first things that get screwed up when you start sweating in the summertime is your makeup.  If you’re planning on having photos taken on a hot or humid day, you’ll want to adjust your makeup application process to combat the high likelihood of sweating. The name of the game is primer.  Make sure that you choose a mattifying primer (with SPF) to give yourself a good base for your makeup and give you one more tool in your arsenal for combating the shine. You also want to make sure that you keep your makeup as light as possible. You want just enough to get the look you want and no more.  The heavier your makeup is, the bigger the risk of it looking cakey and clumpy as you start to sweat. Try sticking to cheek and lip stains vs. powder blushes or cream-based lip colors, and use a pressed powder to set your look and keep the shine to a minimum.  Make sure you bring your pressed powder along with you to touch up makeup throughout the session as needed. You can also get blotting papers to blot away sweat as it accumulates on your face. 

Location Location Location

When you’re choosing a location for your portrait session, make sure that you choose somewhere that is typically cooler or has areas where you can cool off in the shade when you start to get overheated. One of my favorite summertime photo locations in Green Bay is the beach.  The breeze coming off Lake Michigan helps keep you cool in the summer sun, and who doesn’t love a gorgeous beachy vibe!

Timing is Everything

If you’ve been reading our blog for a while, you know all about the golden hour- that magical time of the day where the lighting is just right for the perfect portrait shots. The golden hour is more important than ever in the summer months. Golden hour is typically very early in the morning or in the evening, perfect for summertime shoots because they are also the coolest parts of the day. Talk to your photographer ahead of time to make sure that you can schedule your shoot during these times to stay away from the afternoon heat and give yourself the best shot at milder temperatures for your session.

Hydration is Essential

A great way to regulate your body temperature in warm weather is to make sure that you stay hydrated. So make sure that you’re drinking plenty of water before your shoot, and bring a bottle of cold water with you to the shoot.  Whenever you feel yourself getting warm, take a sip of the cool water to help bring your temperature back down. 

Make a Hair Style Plan

Heat and humidity is brutal on hair. This we know for sure. So you’ll want to make sure that you plan ahead to combat this with a good hairstyle plan. You want to make sure your style is built to last throughout the session.  First, make sure your hair is moisturized as much as possible with a leave-in conditioner. Next, depending on your look and hair type, you’ll want to use styling products that support your hair type and provide a decent amount of hold. If you’re curling your hair for your session, you may want to start off with tighter curls, as they will loosen in the heat of the day.  Finish your look with a quality hairspray, and you’re good to go! 

Get Creative

Can’t beat the heat? Well then, try embracing it! If the heat is just too much, try embracing those summertime activities that are fun and keep you cool.  For example, grab your lawn sprinkler and have a blast playing in the spray of water while your photographer snaps away! Get in the water at the beach and splash around. It looks great and keeps you cool! Do you like to waterski, surf, or spend your time floating in the pool during those hot summer days? In your sessions, you can use that for a unique and exciting photo that won't be uncomfortably warm. So don’t avoid the heat of the summer when you’re planning your portrait sessions. Instead, embrace the season and use your imagination! 

You’ll set yourself up for the most successful summer photo session possible if you follow these simple tips! If you’re looking for Family Photos, Senior Portraits, or Professional Headshots this summer, Forever Memories by Gwen is here for you! 

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