Your wedding day is one of the most important days of your life.  It’s a time to celebrate with your family and friends and start a new life with the person you love most in the world. As wonderful as a wedding celebration is, the planning phase is incredibly stressful and time-consuming.  In the past, this meant lugging around a giant binder full of wedding planning details and calling vendor after vendor trying to find the best fit for your needs. These days your wedding binder can be kept right on your smartphone.   There is a multitude of incredible apps that can help make wedding planning easier for you, but we recommend the following as must-have apps for planning your big day! 

The Knot - The Knot is the juggernaut of wedding planning.  As such, they offer a few different apps and services that can be incredibly helpful in the wedding planning process. Wedding Wire is the go-to app for vendor lists and reviews. When you’re looking for the best florist, photographer, and bakery in your area, Wedding Wire has over 500,000 vendors and over 5 million reviews from newlywed couples. You can limit your search options by location, diversity, and inclusion in order to help find the best vendors for your event. The Guest is another Knot-owned app, this one focuses on photos. The Guest is a photo-sharing app that automatically sends photos taken by your guests with their smartphones. Couples simply download the app and invite their guests to download the app too. Once your event begins, The Guest will let your wedding goers know that it’s time to start snapping pics! Those photos will be automatically added to a real-time feed for everyone to see. At the end of the night (or when your guests sign off) photo-sharing will end and you’ll have a free digital photo album of your entire night!

Pinterest- If you’re looking for wedding inspiration there is truly no better place than Pinterest. If you’ve been on social media for any length of time then you already know all about Pinterest.  From recipes to crafting tutorials, to wedding inspiration, Pinterest has what you’re looking for.  You can create custom Pinterest boards for each aspect of your wedding planning to keep all your ideas organized in one place and easy to reference to show vendors and make your wedding dreams a reality. In many cases, you can find pins (linked photos or videos posted to Pinterest) of wedding items that you love and follow those links directly to the source. It’s a fast and easy way to build a great wedding day mood board to map out the story you want to tell on your wedding day. Whether you want your guests to feel like they’re in a fairy tale, on a boho beach vacation, or in the midst of a whimsical forest, Pinterest can help you find ideas to fit any theme and keep them organized for you. 

Trello - Gone are the days of lugging around a giant wedding planning binder to keep track of all your to-do lists and due dates and necessary tasks involved in planning a wedding. So ditch the binder and download Trello instead.  With Trello, you can create digital to-do lists called boards and each board can have a list of cards or subtasks to keep you on track.  You can set up reminders for due dates, and share your online workspace with others who are helping plan your big day.  Trello offers free basic membership to new subscribers so you can get started at no cost to you! You can take your wedding planner with you right on your smartphone. 

Etsy - Etsy is an online marketplace for handcrafted artisan goods. It’s an amazing place to find incredibly talented artists to design your invitations, decor, favors, and so much more.  If you’re a fan of shopping small businesses then Etsy is for you! You can choose to work with creative entrepreneurs from all around the world to create just the look you’re going for.  This means your wedding can be completely custom and absolutely beautiful. You can quickly and easily order your wedding invitations, thank you cards, and even hand-calligraphed envelopes to send them in. You can also find an abundance of different options for hand-crafted wedding favors for your guests, gifts for your wedding party, and customized presents to give your partner to remember your special day. Etsy also has a great selection of antique pieces to choose from if you want to add a little vintage flair to your event.  So if you’re looking for a one-stop shop for wedding shopping, check out Etsy! 

Honeyfund - Honeyfund is a fundraising site where couples can set up a cash registry to be used for their honeymoon, wedding fund, charity, and more. Most commonly the app is used to create a honeymoon registry where the couple can plan their honeymoon trip from flights and accommodations all the way down to drinks and dinners and everything in between. Not sure where you’d like to travel to for your honeymoon? Well, Honeyfund makes it easy by offering pre-planned trips to destinations like France, Italy, the Caribbean Islands, and much more. These preplanned options include sample registry items for couples to choose from to plan the honeymoon of a lifetime!

With these 5 apps, your wedding planning will be so much more organized, efficient, and much less stressful!  Check them out and get started planning your perfect day!

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